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Sep 25, 2023
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Chai Apk Mod 0.4.111 (Premium Unlocked)

APP INFO: Chai Apk Mod
MOD Features Premium Unlocked
Category Apps
Size 75 MB
Version v0.4.111
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Chai Apk Mod Free Download

Yes, you can download the Chai Apk Mod for free. The mod version is available on various websites like It comes with additional features not included in the original game, such as unlimited coins and lives, unlocked levels/missions, no ads feature etc.

A brief history of Chai Apk Mod

The Chai Apk Mod was developed by Indian indie game studio RockSalt Interactive and released in 2017. The mod has become increasingly popular due to its unique features. Gameplay mechanics and the fact that it’s free to play. It is currently available on Android devices through This version of the game allows players to use coins earned within the app for their purchases, such as additional levels or special upgrades etc.

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Key benefits of using Chai Apk Mod

Premium Unlocked:

This game version comes with completely unlocked levels and premium features so players can access all content without restrictions.

Unlimited Lives:

The mod also offers unlimited lives, so no more worrying about running out or waiting for life regeneration – you can play as much as your heart desires!

No Ads:

Most importantly, Chai Apk Mod does not contain ads, making it even more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Chai Apk Mod

How to Download and Install Chai Apk Mod

Before downloading and installing the mod version of Chai, back up any critical data stored on your device. It’s also a good idea to enable “Unknown Sources” for Chrome or other browsers like to allow non-Google Play Store downloads. After that, follow these steps:

1) Visit either from your Android smartphone browser;

2. a) On Modloy – search for the app by name, then click the “Download Now!” button before finally clicking Install when prompted. 

b) On Apktoidoe – Search apk tongue Chai Mod Version > Download it directly now > open & install updated Rootgolds apps which allow successfully. Installation process 3rd point>Open root gold and tap into the installation option 4th option. Finally, Install good luck and enjoy the happy play.

Troubleshooting Common Issues During Installation

1) If you get an “Install blocked” message – this means that your phone is preventing the installation from taking place. Go to Settings > Security & Privacy > Unknown Sources and ensure to solve it. It has a tick next to it, so third-party apps can be installed. Then try installing again!

2. Apart from getting block messages or the app crashing during downloading/installation, check for any pending update of the apk tongue before the mod setuping> as said above. Must do Rootgolds android download updated version 3rd option manage to set. Our foothold hit into installation begins fourth 5th point install playing happy gaming enjoy.

Risks Associated with Downloading and Installing Chai Apk Mod

1) One of the risks associated with downloading and installing Chai Apk Mod is that it could be a malicious app containing viruses or other harmful elements. To avoid this, always download apps from trusted sources like, which are more secure than unreliable third-party websites.

2) Additionally, when downloading any modded version, you should know. There may also be compatibility issues between your device’s operating system & hardware configuration. If so, please verify carefully before installation to prevent malfunctioning after running game-related solution bugs etc.

Chai Apk Mod

Pros and Cons of Chai Apk Mod

Disadvantages of using Chai Apk Mod

1) The main disadvantage of using Chai Apk Mod is that you cannot access any official game updates as the mod does not allow for online play. This means your gaming experience may become stale over time & lack some/all the latest features which might’ve been released by developers in patches&updates respectively.

2) Another issue could arise due to limited functionality; usually, it serves with more bugs or glitches than its original version. So this should also be considered before downloading and installing from third-party sources.

Comparison with the original app

The mod version of Chai offers all the same features as its original app, with a few added advantages. For example, it unlocks premium content without requiring payments or coins, has no advertisements, and provides users with unlimited lives/coins, among other benefits. Moreover, due to being able to download an offline APK file from sites like Mod, etc., players are only sometimes required. Cloud Data connections (Wifi /Mobile) for game access, unlike in regular versions, which rely heavily on Off-Online Interconnectivity Resources.

Visual and sound quality


Chai Apk Mod offers stunning visuals similar to its original app. Players will enjoy vibrant colours and detailed environments with a realistic art style for the characters and backgrounds. Furthermore, it also provides players with God Rays, which adds a fantastic lighting effect in-game & gives them a more immersive experience during playtime!

Music/Sound Effects:

The music within this game is composed using different instruments like flutes & strings sections accompanied by electronic drums units etc. Creating calm yet exciting soundscapes from moody ambiences up to intense battle themes, respectively, as always providing quality scores throughout every mission or level of land you journey into!

Chai Apk Mod


In conclusion, Chai Apk Mod offers all the same great features as its original app with extra advantages such as unlocked premium content and no advertisements. Moreover, it provides players endless lives/coins bonuses guaranteeing hours of entertainment without any in-app purchases or hassle! This mod is worth checking out if you’re looking for an uninterrupted gaming experience you can enjoy while on the go.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Is Chai Apk Mod free?

A1: Yes, the mod version of Chai is free to download.

Q2: What are some advantages that come with using this mod?

A2: Some advantages include no ads, unlimited lives/coins bonuses, already unlocked premium content, etc.

Q3: Are there any risks associated with downloading and installing this app from third-party sources such as

A3 – There may be a risk of getting malicious apps containing viruses if downloaded from an unreliable source. However, these can easily be avoided by only using trusted sites like those mentioned above for your downloads.

Q4:Does it has the same gameplay experience compared to its original version?

Yes! The gameplay remains true, but balance out difficulty levels & enhance other aspects, ensuring you still enjoy without having a product/consumer benefit ruining factor!

(5) Does the chia apk mod has compatibility issues on specific devices or systems, respectively?

No, provided updated Rootoldx installed properly& system maintained in optimal condition otherwise encounter bugs related incompatible problems occur.


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